This page contains my previous and ongoing projects.

FullText Indexing for Heritrix

This is my masterís project where I am working on indexing for archives generated using Open Source Web Crawler Heritrix. More information regarding this project can be found here.

SJSU Navigator - Android App

Display various information of SJSU from events to building and department info on the map. More details regarding this project can be found here

POD - Component Container Management System

Create container which can take components pluggable to it and interact with other components to perform operations using java reflections.

Light Rail Simulation

Display the light rail on the map based on their schedule. The report can be checked here and demo here.

Medical Bill Reimbursement System & Leave Application

It is Part of IWDMS project for Gujarat (India) Parliament. I used various J2EE technologies along with html, javascript and other web technologies to accomplish this project.

All India School Education System

All India School Education System using JSP. It was developed for IBM Great Mind Challenge 2007, and we received project completion certificate for the same. You can check the report of this project here.

Project Parking

Car Parking System in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 with Microsoft Access 2003 as database. You can check the report for this project here.